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Reach Your Customers and Promote Your Store
Text Marketing & Rewards Systems For The Alternative Industry 
SMS marketing and rewards programs are a huge marketing strategy in today's age. Text message marketing (SMS) is not readily available for those in the Alternative industry. We however, have all of the marketing materials you need to set up your store to message customers with promotional offers and coupons. Let your customers earn point towards rewards every time they make a purchase.
Why Is It Important?
Send SMS marketing alerts on a weekly basis announcing your new products. Include links to your website.

New Product Alerts
Set up a point system for your customers to increase sales!
Rewards Programs
Set up campaigns that will automatically send text messages over any period of time and tell customers about promos.

Promotional Offers
Text message has taken over email marketing as the #1-way businesses sell products online and in their stores.
What Will It Help Achieve? 
Kiosk Provided for easy customer enrollment, branded with your logo and integrated with your POS system
Club Marketing
Customers earn CUSTOM rewards for:
  • Spending Money
  • Like/Sharing on social media
  • Writing a Google/Yelp review
  • Referring friends to your business
Send SMS and emails to your customers-
  • We miss you to bring repeat clients
  • Special offers/promotions to boost sales
  • Create VIP texts for top spenders
  • Send messages to all of your subscribers OR send in groups for a targeted reach
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Don't Wait-
Increase Your Sales!
Generate Untapped Revenue
  • Offer instant deals
  • Flexible reward structures.
  • Smart points that can be redeemed for whatever you decide.
  • Create “happy hours” for your customers where items are on sale for only specific time ranges.
Bring Customers Back More Often
  • Flexibility and fully customizable loyalty program that incentivizes customers.
  • Send promotions over SMS, mobile push, and email to get your customers back in-store sooner and more often.
  • Control offers, coupons, customer experience, and more.
We're here to supply you with these features- which are not commonly compatible with our industry.
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